Make Shipping Simple in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha & Marion, IA

Let us handle every step of your shipment with our last- and first-mile shipping services

Building a shipping network is no small task. Items have to move from a sender to a city shipping warehouse and then get to a recipient. Rhythm Logistics in Cedar Rapids, IA can handle every step of this process. We offer first-mile shipping services to get your products to a shipping warehouse and last-mile services to make sure they arrive at their final destination.

Contact us today to start building your shipping network.

Providing the shipping connections you need

You always want a knowledgeable expert to handle your freight. With our first- and last-mile delivery logistic services, you won't' have to worry about your next shipment. We'll use our network to:

  • Pick up products
  • Deliver products to a shipping warehouse
  • Get products from the warehouse to the recipient


With our first-mile shipping services, we'll make sure your items arrive at the first stop on their journey safely. We can then put our last-mile delivery logistics experience to work and find the right delivery method for your products. Just a few of the smaller delivery vehicle options we use include sprinter cans and box trucks. Email us now if you're interested in our shipping services.


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